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My Story

Hi! I'm Katheline

Katheline Jean-Pierre is a Fortune 500 Advertising Sales & Marketing Executive (Google, Linkedin, Yahoo, Flickr, Deloitte) who lives in California.


For the past 20 years, she has been partnering with companies to grow revenue, build memorable brands and drive impact across their key operating metrics (OKRs).  She helps Chief Revenue Officers overachieve their revenue goals.


As a sales and marketing leader, she has managed portfolios up to $1B.  Katheline shares her journey into leadership, career acceleration lessons through a DEI lens and talks about the most pressing topics of our time: AI, Leadership in this global economy and Climate.


Since joining Linkedin, Katheline has been advising C-levels on how to become thought leaders on the platform and become memorable to drive growth for their company.


My Vlog

“Katheline communicates her ideas extremely well. More specifically, Katheline prepared a presentation on social media governance for a group of professionals in Information Security. Her presentation was very well received and enabled us to understand the key challenges related to governance of social media initiatives."

- Laurent Carlier, Deloitte,  Partner, Risk Audit

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