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Katheline Jean-Pierre is a Fortune 500 Advertising Sales Executive who has scaled 500+ mid-market businesses at Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Deloitte these past 20 years.  She helps companies Grow Revenue, Be Memorable & Drive Impact. She is currently a Managing Director, Enterprise Solutions at LinkedIn, she also serves as an independent Board Director.

Katheline Jean-Pierre


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Katheline is a skilled independent Board Director. She has completed her ESG certification from the Diligent Institute and the Black Corporate Board Readiness (BCBR) program at the University of Santa Clara. She was the Chairwoman of the Board for Kido Media Inc. and an Independent board member for AIOT Blockchain LLC.  She excels at Board positions for VC and PE-backed companies, with an affinity for audit and nom gov committees.  


Katheline is also a Keynote Speaker: she has given keynotes at CES, Google, the Financial Services Communication Society (FCS), the CMO Alliance,  MindBody's BOLD conference, Brand Innovators and many others. 




As a global senior Advertising Sales & Marketing executive and board member, Katheline Jean-Pierre Coleman guides companies with proven strategies to drive sustainable growth and scale businesses across verticals in B2B and B2C for organizations from startup through Fortune 500 including Alphabet/Google and Linkedin (owned by Microsoft). Her vast experience leading billion-dollar portfolios, launching products in global markets and guiding commercialization using new business models elevates companies looking to scale, enter new markets or leverage innovation for growth.  Katheline brings to boards the insights needed to succeed in an ever-changing landscape by providing solid governance and expertise in emerging technologies, sales, blockchain, DEI, cybersecurity, retail, marketing and product management.

  • Business Strategy: Oversaw multiple $1 billion+ revenue portfolios for Google. Advised 400+ companies on strategic growth to achieve business milestones, get acquired or become public, as well as guided large companies on strategies to increase consumer brand awareness.

  • DEI Governance: Served on the Executive Committees of Alphabet’s Black Caucus and Senior Black Caucus from 2020-22. Created and launched The Women Coffee Club, a leadership development program for women and part of Google’s global DEI initiatives.

  • Scale for Growth: Scaled a $4.5 billion retail business at Google across regions for a team of 300+ sellers, increasing shopping adoption by 371% year-over-year. 

  • Emerging Technologies: During her decade at Google, launched multiple cutting-edge products and technologies leveraging AI and machine learning. Advising on business model generation and validation, critical partnerships and branding.

  • e-Commerce & Retail Strategy: Launched Flickr and scaled it across 26+ countries. Experience as a product manager or advising retailers globally on e-commerce innovation, including evolution of the “multi-channel” customer.

  • Startup Advisory & Investment: Has advised multiple startups on growth, scaling, partnerships, marketing, retail strategy and fundraising including companies in the fintech, mental health and retail industries.

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Katheline is an Advertising Sales Executive & Chief Growth Executive with a proven track record of scaling businesses - which she has successfully done at Google, Linkedin, Deloitte, Yahoo - and across 500+ brands. She is a  strategic problem solver, with General Management, Marketing, and Product Management experience. 


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Katheline Jean-Pierre

I have worked in Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach to grow companies from a Product, Sales, Marketing & GTM angles.  Tech operator and advisor as a Head of Sales, Limited Partner,  Investor,  DEI caucus member, Independent Board Director & Podcast Host.

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“Katheline communicates her ideas extremely well. More specifically, Katheline prepared a presentation on social media governance for a group of professionals in Information Security. Her presentation was very well received and enabled us to understand the key challenges related to governance of social media initiatives."

- Laurent Carlier, Deloitte,  Partner, Risk Audit

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Grow revenue, Be memorable and Drive impact.

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