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When your little gremlin voice screams "NO", it is time to let your real voice say "YES". Google employees have now unleashed their voices: women and allies together. This walkout was one of the most publicized and organized one. Seems like the cook-pot has had enough and the steam is out.

Google Walkout Los Angeles Sexual misconduct
Google Walkout

Last Thursday, I was in the crowd at the Google walkout in Playa Vista, Los Angeles. I was listening attentively to my colleagues, Google employees, who raised their voices to express their indignation towards the now highly publicized sexual harassment and misconduct and our request for change.

As I was standing still in the crowd, a not-so-pleasant memory arose... My little voice inside wanted to immediately shut these thoughts down. After multiple requests from the organizers to get a last person sharing, I decided to speak up.

What happens next was simply delightful: I felt free again and I met dozens of kindred souls who came up to me and shared their stories. They offered to meet-up and grab coffee afterwards.

I have nothing to be scared of, I belong. Speaking up in a respectful way is the best thing i can do. There is no point in being alive if I do not use my voice every day - and speak up.”

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